Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chocolate shoes for the shoe me!

Masterfully combining two of life's greatest treasures, and two of my biggest passions, Gayle Harte of Gayle's Chocolates is obviously some sort of genius for creating these stunning chocolate shoes.

Weighing 14 ounces, and measuring a whopping seven inches long and six inches tall, these gorgeous gourmet treats are individually handmade, and no two are alike.

If you, or someone on your gift list loves shoes, chocolate, or both - this is a gift that is sure to please - I know they'll be on my wish list.

Offered in pink, milk, white or dark chocolate, each shoe costs $40 (US).

Dear lord, please send me eight of these and I will believe in you forever and ever!!!

Cat smokes, soup and hairspray

my cat is staring at my smoke
when we talk about her we imagine her with a lisp and smoking cigarettes all the time

I am currently on a diet of coffee soup and cigarettes. I know its not completely healthy...but hey, at least there is soup involved.
Im pretty sure I eat more good stuff on this snacking on lettuce instead of beer and pretzel sticks....

What is with this pale nipple thing? I have pale skin AND pale nipples....why isnt that a fetish?

Im reading Douglas Coupland's new book....and right now Im procrastinating from writing a paper.

fun times.

I should stop that.....


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starla , and I have started to work ourselves into the dollification/ freeze niche.

Starla's new sit just launched

we only have one clip up as of yet....but yeah here it goes. hope you like it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Good News

I found out Ill be shooting for wasteland!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEK! SO EXCITED.

Now im going to have to go to the hair dressers.....

to....get a sleek and sexy style.....>.<>