Friday, April 3, 2009

Wasteland Update

Mistress Irony's Delight ~ 16 Minute Run Time

Mistress Irony is so cruel, how she loves hurting her beautiful slave Ava. Her cries of pain send shivers down her spine and make her so wet.. How she loves the way her body flinches as she tries to move away from her Mistress' touch in dreaded anticipation... In fact torturing Ava like this always makes Mistress so hot she forces Ava to make her cum again and again. Mistress Irony then pushes a large dildo deep inside Ava and commands that she fucks it as Mistress holds it in place. When she realizes how much she's enjoying it she decides to make her cum "a la Irony style." Attaching the zipper down Ava's side she forces her to cum. At the height of her climax, Mistress Irony rips the zipper off and watches as Ava collapses in total agony.

Out in the park

Hey all I havent posted...sorry...Im so busy with school...end of the year...end of my degree...Oh boy oh boy the stress...Mayhaps someone would liek to help me relieve some of it next thursday during my shift.....