Sunday, September 20, 2009

News Update...I guess

Hello beautiful people who may or may not be reading this....

well Im writing it so at least I am reading it.

Anyway, updates. Ah yes. I recently repainted the inside of my dungeon because we plan to move the space to a new area of more....accepting of different lifestyles and it was almost heartbreaking to repaint the place white after being eggplant and red for so many months.

Ah but that is life, repainting, changing and remodelling every little while to become, move and transform into something one hundred times different and one hundred times most cases. A lot of people in our fetish community have been asking when the next party s and the answer is I do not know....not because we havent moved but because we havent found our place yet. but thats life.

Anyhow, I hung out with miss Kedra today and went shopping at value village. I got a cute skirt, teal sweater and a bubble skirt. She got like 4 sweaters and this sweet alien/sci-fi/star trekky type dress which is going to be SO HOT on her.

I am possibly going to be starting my own femdom site....well, by possible I mean I am and it is currently in its "figuring out what the fuck im doing" stage. Haha.

Im on at work tomorrow and I have no clue as to what I want to all. something sexy...I hope...perhaps something 30s inspired....

anyhow here are some random pictures

ciao for now,