Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ok everyone.

Ive got my lexx tattoo and thats kind of nerdy...and Ive always wanted a geek tattoo....

Some of you may know about my obsession with coffee, others may know about the teapots....

So what does this all have in common?

(thats always the answer bill nye)

I've decided sometime in the near future that I would like to get a representation of a caffeine molecule tattooed on my...

behind the ear? most likely

(music) I love coffee coffee coffee bracket three bracket three (/music)

so guys...what do you think?

Hot Potato

this seems kindof sexy and fun

One potato, two potato, three potato . . . FRAK!

History lesson, boys and girls; everyone take their seats. In 1539, people were bored and poor. One day, Filius Giles of North Southwesteasternshire thought of a great way to pass the time. He took a chunk of lead (called a "pohtaytoh" by blacksmiths of the time) and heated it up. Gathering some friends, he dipped the pohtaytoh in lard with his tongs and threw it to his closest friend. The lard began melting away as each person threw it to another, hoping not to get burned by the "hot pohtaytoh." Apparently, everyone had a blast, and the game has survived today.

And now Hot Pohtaytoh has evolved into the Shock Ball. The Shock Ball plays just like the classic game - with one major alteration. This ball doesn't want you to win. It wants you to drop it and lose. And to get you to drop it, the Shock Ball (as you probably have guessed) shoots out random electrical shocks (and lights up to make the experience more enjoyable). If you can hold onto the Shock Ball, you will quickly become the Shock Ball Champ. And everyone will know you have nerves of steel and a very unique hairstyle (you know, from all the shocks). Shocking fun for everyone.

The Shock Ball is approx. 2.5" in diameter,has an auto off function (for a modicum of safety), and uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cancelation of a shift

I always hate canceling a shift. makes me sad. But generally a chat hostess needs to be 110% in order to perform well for a constant 4 hours.

So....I will return to the sexy schedule this saturday to perform 210% since I will have been resting away the week.

So boys bring your hankies and your lotions because Ive got a hankerin' for some luffin'.

By the way the picture is for you...