Sunday, September 27, 2009

1930s berlin

Hey everyone!!

It is late evening where I am right now, and not 24 hours ago was I beginning my 1930s berlin themed evening. After spending 4 hours on my hair and makeup I quickly got into my sexy brown and blue garterbelt and my floow length blue satin gown. I put on my peach filly slippers, hat and stole that I had made out of extra bear fur I had laying around and Off I went, slave in hand.

Upon getting to the venue (which had recently changed to a less appropriate space due to the last place closing its doors without notice) I got myself my very first cosmopolitain, which to be honest was delicious. Then eventually I met up with little miss Adele who was looking mighty fine on her birthday evening. (thought you boys would like a quick peek at her) After making out with a few people for a bit, then standing in the rain for 40 minutes after the bar closed, the Limo finally picked me and my lush self up and brought me to the afterparty where I promptly stipped off my blue gown and walked around in only my garters and stockings (Did I mention I wasnt wearing a bra or panties? surprised?) Anyhow Adele got a few awesome lapdances, one of which from me untill some yerky boy found his way over and interrupted us. Anyhoo I was invited to an orgy afterwards which I was all prepared to go and be my voyeuristic self at, but I soon found out there would be drugs involved and I dont know if you know this but im pretty anti-drug in most hard cases.

Anyway its about..shockingly 7am and I realise Ive been out partying for 9 hours and have been starving the whole time. SooOOoo Adele and our friends and I went outside3 where it was still raining, and to be honest freezing cold rain while wearing sating dress and a tiny fur stole is not comfy. So we caught a buss downtown which took us to a tim hortons where we had breakfast then parted our separate ways so that we could find our respective beds and be off with the fairies

On the taxi ride home, of course I could only discuss the weather with the driver and I said it may stop raining later in the day, but his responce was "No I called jesus yesterday and he said no sun, only rain today"

Thats a Long distance plan I cannot afford......