Thursday, June 4, 2009


dear strangers and those of you whom I,

Hi there and thanks for actually payin mucho attenti-onay to me bloggin' stay-le.

someone just told me about piss shivers.....

commonly known as the pee shakes or, if your an adult, piss shivers...its a tingling sensation down the spine which causes an involuntairy twitch.

Also, it is the best excuse if you happen to piss on your urinal neighbours shoes while drunk..or in my case, having a vag...all over the floor...or car tires...whatever.

Some people think it feels like when you get the shakes when it gets cold...I like to think of it as..."tiny orgasm" Like fuck yes that felt wonderful ;)

anyway enough talk about pee...lets move up a couple inches and talk pubes! ^_^

my pubes are gone....I had a run in with some foaming nair...that went in the wrong spot and messed up my landing strip.

So...after that I decided to start anew.....and shave down it alll.......all im smooth as a michael bolton cd....mmm....

so...what do you think about pubic hair? I dont mind a nice walk through a mossy feild...but I dont like the to hack my way through the depths of a jungle...get my teeth caught in all that sh*t...

hehehehe working...bugger off cuz you most likely are slacking off too.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Xev's Hair after hurting my back in a stupid way that will not be discussed, I spent a few days at home..getting bed rest, which drove me absofrikkenlutely bonkerz.

I hate being stuck in one place too long (unless Im having orgasms...which is a completely different manner) Anyway...So I ended up going to my sunday morning job and getting home with a full afternoon of rest ahead of me. I had no plans on account of my back stuff.

Anyhoodle, I decided it was time for a change....a hair change that is...and to be honest going to the salon started costing a waay way toomuch. So I decided to git myself a new colour. I have been wanting pink for quite some time. Also Ive been wanting rogue hair for as long as I can remember....

Time lapse of store shop then home then smoke then hair doing, burning, spilling on the bathroom floor, walking around apartment in panties, then shower, make coffee, towel dry then blow dry then get dressed so roomate doesnt have a heart attackl when he gets home...

And mr roots are pale and my hair is somewhat pink! Even though it was attempted, no rogue hair was accomplished. Unfortunately the best photo I have of this hair is taken right before I was kicked from my borrowed cmomputer by my roomate. Anyhoo, ive altered his face slightly for his own privacy purposes.

Well boys, Im not sure how long it will stay like this but here it goes....