Friday, January 2, 2009

Stupid Cute

Today I had a bit of a shitfit.....
I cant seem to figure out how to make my hair look good when i go out places whereif you arent look bad.

Im not someone who spends a lot of time on hair and makeup....cept when putting in a weave...that takes forevs.

anyhoodle...i spent a stupid amount of time on my hair....and i walked my arm into a wall....and then a decent amount of time on makeup...and burnt both my arm and a batch of cookies...poopers....

So now I have a suicidal teen burn mark on my inner arm....which is not cool. But hey, eventually things worked out and i think i looked courtney-love trashy cute....

oh yeah and I was also in a crappo mood cuz I was all like...hey....where is the dress i wanted to wear tonight? Oh thanks canada post for being closed on a my butt....thanks again.

So I ended up wearing a corset, and bra and panties....which I thought i would freeze my bum off, but hey, I didnt!!! yay me

anyway...that was my night. toodles

Thursday, January 1, 2009

premier Bloggity Blog



So here you are...whoever you are...probably a chatter or one of my stalker co-workers....

I miss you??? Or maybe you miss me and thats why you are here.....well dang.

Happy new year whoever you are.

Its the first day of the new year right this minute...that Im writing...for all I know its june when you are reading this and its all hot and you're all sweaty-like....sitting at your computer, shading your eyes from the glare on your screen so that you can read exactly what you are reading this second.

woah, life seems unimportant at this moment.

My feet are cold...Im wearing a sexy terry cloth robe...oh yes mister ma'am its baby yellow....mmm..... and P.J. pants with stars on them that I got for christmas 4 years ago.


Well, If you dont know me already...My name is Xev Im a web chat hostess...I try to get sexy....oh yeah....

But Im not sure it comes out sexy so much as cooky...Now I want a cookie.

So..... Yess..... Ill write one of these things again another time.