Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New studio...REMIX

hey all! I am proud to announce that I was the very first girl to Cristen the new Live Cam Network studio today. The chatter: Grey
he is a greaaattt guy.

Ive also been working on the Doll vids. Finally have some two girl videos up that are looking pretty terrrriiific!

Uhm...not much to say at the moment. hoping tto actually be able to plan my slumber party; the last being canceled due to the studio move. Blergh.

This here is a picture of Starla and I posing. She is a sexy movable fembot.... I am just a mannequin. I had tons of fun shooting this video and could not help but laugh.

Let me seee.....Im finishing my last year of University and its driving me somewhat batty, all of the things I have to work on and plan. Y'argh!

I did my shoot for the netherlands one, but the U.S one and that was fantastic. Ava's bum was soooooo soooooo bruised and now there are no marks. Good old witch hazel...helps everything.

ANyway I hope you somewhat enjoyed this entry.


Xev <3