Friday, January 2, 2009

Stupid Cute

Today I had a bit of a shitfit.....
I cant seem to figure out how to make my hair look good when i go out places whereif you arent look bad.

Im not someone who spends a lot of time on hair and makeup....cept when putting in a weave...that takes forevs.

anyhoodle...i spent a stupid amount of time on my hair....and i walked my arm into a wall....and then a decent amount of time on makeup...and burnt both my arm and a batch of cookies...poopers....

So now I have a suicidal teen burn mark on my inner arm....which is not cool. But hey, eventually things worked out and i think i looked courtney-love trashy cute....

oh yeah and I was also in a crappo mood cuz I was all like...hey....where is the dress i wanted to wear tonight? Oh thanks canada post for being closed on a my butt....thanks again.

So I ended up wearing a corset, and bra and panties....which I thought i would freeze my bum off, but hey, I didnt!!! yay me

anyway...that was my night. toodles

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