Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hey hey hey y'all

moi again....Of course.
Im super duper pooper excited because in 30 mins I will be getting my female hedgie-hog...apparently shes brown and has had babies. IM SO FRIKKEN EXCITED

ok....meaning I'll be able to breed her one more time. woooo!

Anyhoodly, I was up checking out balloondirectory and I found my new vid up.
I think my boobs look totally hot in this clip, and even if you aren't into inflatables.....hey im still rubbin against something...and at least its cute!

Also, on a side note, I am planning Starla Sparklefox's birthday party.
If you all have any suggestions about what would be a nice surprise other than a gluten free cake, I am totally up to hear them.

My work days have been a little slow, but hey, thats the way January goes, hoes.

Also, I will soon be partaking in a clips4sale store involving freezing, doll fetisha and hopefully once practiced, robot fetish. Click on the purple word store

Ok so through writing this I have eceived my hedgie lady....and shes a big one ooooo

But shes fussy right now cuz she was shipped by car...and that can be traumatizing...your house shaking for 10 minutes, then new smells....blahg,

Oh well ill post pictures soon

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