Monday, January 19, 2009

Pebbles von Rubberband, Poison Apples..

Ok, so I decided on Pebbles Von Rubberband.
Shes still finicky but is starting to warm up to me.

My male still wants nothing to do with her.

Its quite funny.

I am posting my doll clip link today


I hope you enjoy them.

I haven't got any new balloon vidz up....but whatever.

Its my friend Starla's Birthday Party on friday and I just bought the stuff to make Gluten Free Chocolate Cake. YUM

I have been having some really sexy weekdays..I started bellydancing lessons, and am working my Glutes...or however I spell that.

Yoddledoodle bloggety Blog.

Im working on a project of making a poison will be candy on the outside, and poison on the inside...Ill post pics when Im done....SEXINESS

its an art project, and no.... No one will be eating it. Thats not even a possibility.

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