Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unicorns and rainbows and myspacedotcom!

Hey everyone....

the uh "title' of this posting is from Family guy....which I have been watching on the televisions I'd been setting up the past week for my vernissage......

Oddly enough, since I watch any shows on the inter-web, I had forgotten that televisions receive station signals sans-cable wire.

Anyhow, my show is up. Its an intermedia video/sculpture/found object installation incorporating quite a few things....yeah.

here's a mini text I wrote that goes with it:::

Playing on multiple Televisions are a series of performances where I depict different female character roles. Most of these characters are situated in the stereotypical “home” environment, performing stereotypical roles. Each female character displayed in this video installation present an apparent dissatisfaction with their generic home bound existence.

So yeah....that was like 45 minutes of wracking my brain so it would orgasm out something brain-delectable. I do realise its a tad redundant but you know what....who cares....It makes sense to me.

and also Im missing working my shifts. I get so horny when I can only do a shift a week. It really kills my non-existent sex life when I don't have anyone to bump and grind in front of.

This had got to be the longest bloggity blog I've written yet.

Like two weeks until I finish this semester...then its one class and ciao forever University....I will have received a Bachelors in Fine Arts...hopefully with some sort of award...but I doubt it.

My next shift will be Thursday. Unfortunately...and well foretunately the days I normally work I will be babysitting my pieces......

ciao for now.


  1. Yes, Virginia, there was television before life...

  2. I like pikturs... where the pikturs... gleaaaah...


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