Thursday, April 30, 2009

woah-ho, illness has struck

hey all. I had to leave chat yesterday...uhg my head cold was really stuffy

and after trying to clear out my brain with a few mind shattering privates, I was exhausted. So I moseyed my cute little bum on home to bed...and later found out I was "hot"...

I was flattered but when my roomate corrected my mine tracked though and told me that by hot I was running a fever, a=I thought great, no wonder you were so cold. well at least I wont have to have your frigid hand all over my hot body.....


ok so im slightly disillusion what of it?

Ive been masturbating a lot to get the fever out and it seems to be working!
Im tired and today I have an appointment to get my hair re-done for my shoot at wasteland.



the photo you are seeing is from last years quebec expo....or qwebexpo......not 100% sure how to spell it...sorry Michele Plant and whoever else I may just insult.....

anyhoodle. I hope you little sexies get alll the3 sexies in the sexcity!

ciao bellas


  1. Mouahah funny/dumb pic there...

    It's Qwebec Expo, btw... are you going this year? I believe it's August 28th...

    Qwebec.comHope you get well sooner... and sooner and sooner heheh.