Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chill out with my hot hot chocolate recipe

Winter approaches and we huddle in our boxes trying to keep warm...

my solution to break the dull gray If sex is unavailable, meet chocolate...specifically hot chocolate....wards off the cold, and gives you that little serotonin kick you always love minus some hardcore drugs that fuck with your brain.

SOOOOoooo....I will give you my little hot chocolate recipe...its got a little kick in it to wake you up (and no, its not liquor, and its not coffee)

Now, I personally dont measure anything at eyeball it...your making something for you obviously will taste it....well I hope you dont just forget it on the counter like I sometimes do.

moving on.

you will need
a pot
milk/cream (or substitute with soy product)
cocoa powder (I like the 70% because its just a bit sweet)
cayenne pepper, in powdered form
a stiry thing...whisk! (say it, its fun)


sugar (brown, white,raw, icing, doesnt matter pick what you like. or whatevers left in the cupboard)

and thats all i can think of at the moment...cinnamon if you like it, but cayenne will be good enough

step one: pour milk into pot, turn pot to a medium heat
two: stir in a little bit of cream so that the total liquid is the amount you want to ingest
three: add cocoa powder to taste, and add a bit more!
four: whisk until there is no floaty cocoa islands
five: add a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper to the mix...( if you like super spicy do a full teaspoon...if thats not good enough try throwing some dried red hot peppers)
six: add sugar....a teaspoon or three should do it.

stir, stir stir....WHISK WHISK WHISK

add your face additions like marshmallows, cookies, whipped cream (dont forget to sprinkle some cayenne pepper on top!

hot enough? then pour into mug and serve...num num num


  1. Well, I give that a big OM NOM NOMMMMM! I need to get myself to a grocery store tomorrow and pick me up some hot hot chocolate ingredients!

  2. to avoid the little floaty cocoa islands, put your cocoa in the cup and add just a little bit o' milk, and stir into mud; add milk or cocoa if needed. It's easier to smooth, and the little bit of cold liquid makes the finished hot cup drinkable that much sooner :P