Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Turkey Baster

Oh Kay,

So..., below you will find a few shots that are from my 'awkward screenshot thread'. Since I havent really been having a life the past few months, what with my apartment change, dungeon change, and taking over for ava as studio manager, I havent had a chance to actually go out and do anything interesting....so I live vicariously through the odd photos taken of models or me, or both...and imagine funny scenarios

scenario one:

We are in a parallel universe where people have colonies on their feet, and they are the sexy chat hostess'...especially that middle toe...shes suuuper kinky

scenario two:

Ava and xev are kissin cousins...and ava just found out she dun dere got herself pregnant, but how will she tell xev.....since all they was doin was kissin...now shes in a world of confussun cuz she didnt think she could get knocked up by kissin gurls....maybe she should go give her friendly hug to brother earl again down by that there waterin' hole.

scenario three:

In which I am a circus contortionist....and extortionist?
I work all day making sure I GET MY WAY....WITH A...RUSSIAN ACCENT!!! I dress in fur and the tiniest, highest high heels..and I chain smoke....then, at night I go to my freak show and shake my money maker while becoming a human pretzel.....then home to my trailor with ten cats and a british rake name Tim

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