Saturday, August 15, 2009

43rd post

Ok....apparently this is my 43rd post.....little crazy dont you think?

Oh Kay, its been a year since I started my debauchery-based workstyle and looking back Im pretty happy. Of course a girl can't live a fun life without a few hiccups now and then.

But overall Im pretty happy.

Last night I had a Mistress Slumber party which was absolutely amazing.
We has salad and shrimp and pasta and drinks all served by our personal slaves. There were lots of laughs a few tears and some very, berry red bums.

We watched Secretary which, if you didnt all ready know is a very amazing movie, which actually helped me float into a bdsm lifestyle.

Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking less chatty more piccy...and you will get your lasted photos as soon as im done talking.

ANYWAY, We woke up this morning and had pancakes and coffee (which the slaves ruined the first time because they dont know how to actuallybrew coffee on a stovetop) aqnd eventually I came home.

Im really excited about the Qwebec Expo. Gonna look hot, and I get to part-ay and meet some masters of the intra-web.


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  1. First pic: MY EYES!!!

    Second pic: cute bum.

    Third pic: mine.