Sunday, August 30, 2009

Qwebec Expo

This year I went to the Qwebec expo and holy moly was it coolsville.
so many cool people, and this was just on the tradeshow floor

The first nights party was neat because I dressed up as DOUBLE AGENT 69. Unfortunately I have no photos of it at the moment because someone who was supposed to show up didnt.:(

anyhoodle. I went home early the first night saving up my energy for night two of the expo. As I took my cab to where I was staying, I apparently dropped my cellphone in that very cab. My cell was on vibrate from the party and was also dying. I got to where I was going, grabbed my charger and then looked for my phone.....nothing....crap. I called my phone until it died and have contacted lots and lots of cab companies. trouble is I dont know which company i took.


Day two; wake up, wait 30 minutes for the subway to take my from my friends place to the trade show, am 5 minutes late. (you all know how much I hate that)
11-6pm drink bloody cezars with the big wigs, talk shop, make promotions/proposals/talk software
6-8 drink vodka cranberry with lots of people in the suite party

8-10 go chill with keds and get ready for night out

1015: get to party little late due to traffic. party hand out drink tickets, look sexy....oggle the boobie girls, fondle kedra, smoke cigarettes, dance, drink gin and

3:00 lights on, everybody out. Im finally drunk get in a cab have an exceedingly awkward conversation with a not so friendly taxi man. he takes the long way, I have him drop me off a block from the place, another cig, tinside, upstairs, eat pasta into bed.

this morning I ordered myself a new phone....its so hot pink lg neon


  1. Xev hope you don't mind a bit of fun you where a very bad girl this last Tuesday September the 1st caught you smoking inside :)



  3. Holy moly!!! Contravening smoking laws!!

    Ah, welll.... you're forgiven.

    Nice pics from the show, love the "Fifth Element" get-up - and fun summup opf he show...

    Hope you get good come backs from your efforts!