Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wasteland Update

Hey everyone!!!

Im down in the U old S of A sitting with |Web babe of the year Trisha Uptown, who is a super big sweetheart and we're relaxing before a very long, hard two days of shooting. Im excited because this will be the first model I have ever shot with whom I have never met before.

Our shoot will be less focused on beating this little one up and more focused on humiliation which should be fun. I am told there will be a 'houdini' box waiting for us at the studio which Trisha says 'sounds fun' heheeheh

anyhoudini, I will see you all friday with a much more 'in depth' ;) account of my playtime with miss Uptown.


A picture of Trisha Uptown and Xev Delexx

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